Welcome to KISC Utd., where we educate children and teens of all ages through social sports.
 Building character and personality is a vital component for physical growth in children and teens alike.
 Here at KISC Utd., we take pride in educating and guiding our children to develop leadership skills that are necessary, allowing them to grow and flourish, also enabling them to become everyday leaders within and beyond our local community.
 The KISC Utd. staff consists of many current and former athletes, from an array of different sports, that have on-field experience in the professional level and instructors with degrees in the field of sports and sports related education/development.
 With over 8 years of on the field, hands on experience in the United States and Korea, our highly trained and educated staff, through experience and research, implement their experiences onto lesson plan(s) into each and every classroom.
 Lesson plans are customized and catered to different age groups of all skill levels, where the main focus of our education revolves around, peaking the students interest and allowing students to participate, improve the set of skills they possess, learn the ability to develop technical skills, and to provide them with an atmosphere that allows them to think creatively, and ultimately enjoy.

 Our Soccer (Football) instructors are educated and licensed with the following governing entities:
 Federation de Internationale Football Association (FIFA)
 United States Soccer Federation (USSF)
 Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
 Korea Football Association (KFA)
 and more.

 These licensed instructors strive and make effort to educate students, the professional and latest tactical game plans and skills that are used on the field today (other sports include: Physical Fitness classes, Group sports lessons such as Basketball, Volley Ball, Futsal and Golf [individually]).
 Our instructors are trained to bring out each students full potential and achieve superb results on the field, while building confidence, allowing them to understand the meaning behind working as a cohesive unit with others of a similar age.
 KISC Utd's goal is to provide a fun, learning environment that allows students of this program to become a responsible member of the community.
 As members and staff of KISC Utd., we fully pledge that educating all students, with the attitude of a loving parent, providing an exceptional, fun, and safe environment shall and will always be our top priority.
 Thank you.


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